Green Residential Project

When you purchase a new home, you look for tranquility, quality lifestyle, and safety. However, while living in a city, it becomes difficult to find peace and fresh air. In order to get the luxury of a capacious home with exceptionally beautiful interiors and unique architecture along with stunning landscapes and exemplary window-view, you need to move out of the city and reside in a peaceful place. At Green Residential, we provide you an opportunity to live amidst beautiful surroundings while staying within the city premises. We bring to you the best green residential project in Zirakpur on the outskirts of the beautiful city of Chandigarh. Keeping our core values of comfort, security, luxury, and quality intact, we have developed well-equipped apartments in our residential project. The apartments are equipped with modern amenities that include high quality fittings & fixtures, big glass panel windows, capacious rooms, modular kitchen, and opulent interiors. We have utilized natural resources during the construction procedure to promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Moreover, our residential project utilizes solar energy for electrical appliances, environment-friendly construction material, rainwater-harvesting techniques, and various other unique material. Your search for a suitable home will end here at Green Lotus Avenue.